Common questions


I’m interested! How can I use Terracotta?
Terracotta currently integrates with the Canvas learning management system (we have plans to build integrations with other LMSs). To get Terracotta activated at your school, you’ll need to ask your local Canvas administrator to hook Terracotta up. If your school asks for contact information, we can be reached at You can also contact us, and we’ll be happy to offer more information.
What kinds of student data can teachers and researchers see?
Informed consent responses are hidden from teachers, and data from non-consenting participants is excluded from result summaries and data exports. Student identifiers are also removed from all data exports.
Why might my child’s teacher be conducting experimental research?
Classroom innovation is an essential part of professional development for teachers, which allows them to adapt to new curricula, student needs, and other requirements.
How can I get started writing my IRB protocol and Informed Consent statement?
From elementary to post-secondary schools, most research studies will need to be approved by an Internal Review Board, and to obtain that approval, you'll need to write an IRB protocol, which will include an Informed Consent statement. To get you started, we've provided templates for both documents.
I have Terracotta installed on my course site, and I’m ready to get started!
We’re working on documentation for processes like creating an experiment, writing and posting an informed consent statement, and exporting experimental data, as well as a data dictionary. While we create it, check out this video, which walks you through the process of building an experiment, and let us know what questions you still have!
I’m a developer; how can I contribute to Terracotta?
To our thinking, Terracotta is a complex innovation that builds on existing technologies, and we’d like others to build on ours. Terracotta is open source -- we want you to play with it, and welcome contributions from interested developers. While we work on our process for contributions, we welcome you to check us out on GitHub and to get in touch.