What we value

Terracotta is purpose-driven, and seeks to lower barriers to participating in research on student learning. It’s led by a team steadfastly committed to ensuring that our web application is accessible to the broadest possible audience.

Open source

To our thinking, Terracotta is a complex innovation that builds on existing technologies, and we’d like others to build on ours. Terracotta is open source -- we want you to play with it, and welcome contributions from interested developers.


To benefit the broadest community possible, every frame in Terracotta is screened using the axe DevTools extension to test for common accessibility issues. As we grow, Terracotta aspires to comply with WCAG 2.1 AA standards both within the tool, in our website, and in accompanying documentation. We are working to recruit researchers from a range of different institutions including K-12 school districts as well as researchers at universities within a variety of geographic locations and socio-economic environments; the composition of our Advisory Board reflects these commitments.

Data privacy

At Terracotta, we understand the importance of keeping student data private, and work to make that happen in several ways. First, informed consent responses are hidden from teachers, and data from non-consenting participants is excluded from result summaries and data exports. Student identifiers are also removed from all data exports.

Questions about Terracotta?

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