IU Partners with Unicon on Terracotta Alpha Build

Learner-centric technology leader Unicon lends its expertise.

After months of iterative design work, the Terracotta development effort is about to enter an exciting stage: Building the alpha version!  Indiana University is partnering with Unicon Inc. for the build, tapping into Unicon's deep expertise in learning technology, LMS integrations, and data infrastructure.  

Over the next three months, IU will be working closely with Unicon's development team on a series of sprints that will construct the Terracotta alpha release.  All aspects of the platform will be open source from the start, with public updates along the way.  Upon release, Terracotta will be a cloud-hosted pilot tool that can be integrated into any Canvas course site.

"Unicon is excited about the opportunity to partner with Indiana University to build the prototype for Terracotta," said Patty Wolfe, Sr. Director Applications, Integrations, & Data, Unicon. "We're proud to be joining Indiana University to bring forth the best technology to help instructors conduct experimental research will provide researchers and analysts the critical data they need to further educational research while eliminating many of the barriers to entry."

Unicon Inc. is a 27-year veteran agency in educational technology consulting and digital services. Based in Arizona, Unicon is a leading learner-centric technology consulting firm in the design and implementation of standards-based learning technology and has a long-running track record of developing robust open-source tools.

More to come soon as we start building!